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attacks on his home and innocent civilians. >> this is not a mission. it doesn't have weapons. >> coalition commanders insist no civilians are being targeted but they admit some confusion over who is mwho. >> there is no clear distinction. it is a very problematic situation. >> on capitol hill, confusion over the goal. in chile, president obama tried to clarify. >> it is u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. >> senators on both sides of the aisle are concerned about the end game. >> if we are going into a war with libya, we should declare war on libya. we should pull together with our allies and try to figure out a plan of how that war is to be won. >> we do not have a clear diplomatic policy or a clear statement of foreign policy that
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is accompanying this military operation. >> there is a growing rift in the coalition over who should be in control. >> no apparent cooperation. some people want to turn it over to nato, the maiamericans and t brits. >> french president ruffled feathers by announcing publicly that french fighters were in the air before his international counterparts were briefed. whoever is in control, arizona republican senator john mccain says, there is only one way to end it. >> a stalemate is a very, very badout come. american policy is that gadhafi must go. a naval facility was hit overnight east of tripoli. robert gates is in moscow. gates says gadhafi is misleading the russians. >> it is almost as though some
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people here are taking at face value gadhafi's claims about the number of civilian casualties, which as far as i am concern is just outright lies. >> we are covering the story from tripoli to washington. jim maceda is in tripoli and john harwood at the white house. let's begin. jim, i understand you got a look at the naval base that was hit. >> that's right, contessa. we just came back from a trip to that naval base. it wasn't very far east. it wasn't east at all of tripoli. it is right on the port of centr central tripoli. we were brought there and saw four or five warehouses, each one the size of two football fields. one of them took direct hits. the others were barely touched. inside that first warehouse that was hit was just a scene of devastation. cars, vans, and rockets plus
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four mobile rocket launchers, huge trucks with hard to tell whether they were surface to air or surface to surface rocket launchers but they had taken major, major hits. all four of these rocket launchers were still smoldering, in fact. this looked like a repair facility. we saw engines that looked like they had been worked on, cars and vans burnt out. these were also possibly worked on as well. the rockets were not in the pods but the pods were pointed towards the sea. there were no signs of casualties, although we were told by libyan officials there that ten people had died, ten workers, in that warehouse. the libyans are also telling us this was not a serious target, as serious as it looked, was not one, because they said this was a training facility, that these
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were old rockets and rocket launchers in a state of disrepair. they were used by students to learn to train for the military. back to you. >> jim, we are showing video right here from mizrahi. we just got a news report saying that ten people have been killed in that particular village. no indication of where the alliances are at this point. one of the amazing things is, we had a report about this american fighter jet that went down. the pilots ejecting to safety and happening to land in territory, friendly to americans. can you tell me how that happened and what happened with e pilots? >> i can't, really. we've just come back. we have spent all day today, over the past number of hours over at that site. my understanding was that the two pilots were rescued and it
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came down because of mechanical failure. it was not shot down. when the two pilots bailed, they ended up bailing very far from each other. both of them quite far from that jet. they were rescued safely. i can give you more information, however, about the specific loyalties of the people where it landed. we do know that most, if not all of the loyalists, as they are called, are loyal to the regime, pulled out of benghazi two days ago. >> jim maceda reporting from libya. jim, thank you very much. john harwood is cnbc's chief washington correspondent, a political writer for "the new york times." he is on capitol hill now. let's talk about some of the in-fighting that's happening with the allied forces, turkey, which played a main role in getting "the new york times" journalists out of libya and back to safety, is having a real
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issue with the fact it wasn't consulted in moving forward? >> there is in-fighting here on capitol hill and within the coalition. you have a tradeoff when you are trying to mount an exercise like this between speed and consultation and achieving consensus. the president was getting a lot of criticism for dithering over a time. some people thought the french acted too rapidly. turkey, their nose is out of joint. bob gates in moscow said, we are putting this together on the fly. we are going to have problems. i don't think we have seen the last of those problems. >> we just heard from john mccain saying that the only optimum outcome is for gadhafi to be gone. you have dennis kucinich raising the impeachment. the president did not go to
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congress and get specific military authorization. kucinich is introducing legislation to cut funding for the military opposition with libya. how will this resolve? >> it will turn based on the results of the operation, how long it lasts and how successful people determine it to be. john mccain, joe lieberman and j john kerry and others are urging that. people like richard lugar, an ally of this president saying, hey, wait a minute, we need to declare war. we don't know what the objectives are and he is not clear on how long this is going to last. on john mccain's point, if our objective, though undeclared in the authorization from the u.n. on force is to remove gadhafi, what do you do if these initial steps don't do that? then, do you go to ground troops and how do you handle that? this is a real can of worms
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that's been opened. the president will be judged on how successfully this gets resolved. >> of course, you have the president and the pentagon repeatedly committing to enforcing the no-fly zone and protecting the civilians. that was the u.n. mandate. should it go farther? should the allied forces do something to get rid of gadhafi the way that john mccain wants. my big question, should allied forces actively help the rebels fight gadhafi? share your thoughts with me on facebook. my e-mail is let me ask that to the chief operating officer at the center for american progress and j.p.frer, a republican strategist. good of you both to join me. mira, let me begin with you. we have these people who are stepping around the fact that really everybody wants gadhafi gone but nobody wants to say that's the ultimate goal of the mission. should coalition forces make it an objective to at least help
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the rebel fighters? >> look, we have a humanitarian crisis. that is what has sponsored this incredible outgrowth of international support ranging from our european allies to our arab allies. what's holding this together is strong support for a mad man killing and slaughtering his people. that objective is being achieved on the ground. benghazi was on the throws of being overrun. that has been stopped in its tracks. i think we can debate ultimate goals. if we do get to that layer of a goal where we are going after gadhafi, we will see some fraying of the support we have so far. >> j.p., we talked with our military analysts over the weekend when the attacks first launched yesterday. they are concerned about the mission, saying we are going to
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enforce the no-fly zone and protect civilians could become, now, let's organize the rebels and the next thing you know, we are mired in a quad mire, a civil war in libya. is that a concern for republican lawmakers? >> i think republicans are concerned about the entire process undergirding this. when we are talking about mission creek, it sounds a lot like what president bush got into when he was talking operation iraqi freedom. this was supposed to be a quick operation. >> can i point out when we went into operation iraqi freedom, it was under the illusion that there were weapons of mass destruction. nobody has said that about gadhafi. >> in fact, that's a great point. there was a real national security concern on our part that showed that made it all the more important for us to get involved. now, we're dealing with a humanitarian crisis, a little more mercy, because how do we define what the goals are on a
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humanitarian basis, the removal of gadhafi, protecting certain cities or rebel forces, training rebel forces, with he don't know. that's what republicans want to know. >> how is american war fatigue likely to influence decisions on capitol hill when it comes to situations like libya? >> i'm sorry. i didn't get that. >> everybody is tired. we are tired of our troops being in afghanistan. people want american men and women to be at home. i can't tell you the number of e-mails i get of people insisting, we have got to stop policing the world. >> in fact, i think this is why france has taken the lead here and why president obama is very comfortable allowing other nations to sort of dictate the terms of how this is going to go. america is not really leading here. we are seeing a real war by committee, the wall street journal editorialized on this. it is sort of creepy. even the joint chiefs of staff wasn't able to identify who the person was encharin charge of t entire operation.
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>> when they say handing over control to a coalition authority, we don't flow who that is. neera, the consensus is that gadhafi is a bad guy and should not be in power. >> it is, as the president said, united states spoil for him to not be in power. he is a person who has delegit mo that is a different goal than actually protecting people. i think the problem for j.p. is on one hand, he is arguing that we can have mission creek and you can end up aiding the rebels and doing these other things. on the other hand, he is arguing to attack gadhafi. what he is actually arguing by attacking gadhafi is expanding america's role in this war, which is precisely what he seemed to be opposed to a minute ago. that's why the president is absolutely right to have a limited goal for our military,
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which is humanitarian objectives anno to gidnt th. >> i wl leave at nvsation there, j.p., nerra, thanks for participating. workers reconnected power lines to all six reactors at japan's krip crippled nuclear plant temperature. they say there is still a lot of work to be done before electricity can be turned on. emergency crews dumped 18 tons of seawater into a nearly boiling pool holding spent nuclear fuel. japan's nikkei market closed with more than a 4% gain today thanks to the good news at the power plant. the index is still 7% lower than its close the day the earthquake and tsunami hit. crews recovered the body of taylor anderson, an american teaching english in miyagi, japan, believed to be the first american victim, the first known
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one of the quake and tsunami. they estimate miyagi prefecture lost 15,000 people. nbc's lee cowan is live now in seoul, south of korea. what's the story now? what's the situation with fear and whether it is dissipating in that region? >> reporter: i think there is still a lot of fear, it depends on where you are. if you are talking in the north, you are still focused so much on the search and rescue effort. it is still officially search and rescue. they go through the rebel with sticks trying their best to find anybody. there have been some people found alive recently. that number is dwindling pretty fast. the estimated number of dead now confirmed is almost 9,000. some 13,000 people are still missing. some 300,000 people are living in shelters. food and water are scarce. fuel is eve mon more scarce tha that. the teacher who was there, just returned to oregon. he described what he saw that day. take a listen.
12:15 pm
>> i watched the wave pick up cars and throw them into buildings. and flood into the town and lift whole houses off their foundations. it was just -- it was like a monster. >> even some of the pictures, contessa, don't even do it justice. you really have to be there to see it, to get a scope of how much was damaged there. as for the nuclear scares, some progress being made today and power is connected to all the reactors. the lights are actually on in the central control room of reactor unit number 3. that is a big, big advantage that will make it easier if the systems are working to keep track of the pressure, the water, and also help with the ventilation as well. small progress being made. a lot left to be done. >> lee, thank you. appreciate that. the obama administration has a lot on the plate, japan,
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libya, egypt. now, one of the top concerns, yemen. the driver in that fatal bus crash in new york brakes his silence, what he says about the accident that killed 15 people. tim pawlenty gets ready to toss his hat in the ring for the 2012 presidential race. the question is, what other republicans will join him? what? yeah, it's on the label. really? here, there's nothing about juice on the zyrtec® label. what? labels are meant to be read. i'd be lost without you. i knew you weren't allergic to me. [ sneezes ] you know, you can't take allegra with orange juice. both: really? fyi. [ male nouncer ] get zyrtec®'s proven allergy relief and love the air®.
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we are hearing from the driver in a deadly tour bus crash in new york. ovadel williams was behind the wheel when the tour bus slammed into a median, fell on its side and sliced the roof of the bus off. 15 died, 18 others were hurt. >> those families are hurting. we are all hurting together. it is not to say musnd-
12:20 pm
>> that'sacal h fe speanghere. williams has not been charged with a crime. he says a truck cut off the bus. police are investigating whether the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. >> here is home video. a frontal cloud forms north of sacramento. yemen's president says he will step down by year's end. he refuses to resign immediately. president saleh has been in power 32 years, a strong ally of the united states and the war or terror. tens of thousands of protesters have been demonstrating nationwise there. on friday, delayed forces were blamed for the sniper shooting that killed at least 46 demonstrators splint terring his support. yesterday, some of the country's most senior army officials declared their loyalty to the opposition, influential clerics and tribal leaders.
12:21 pm
roger kressy joins me from washington, d.c. how troubling is it when you have this strong ally on the war on terror and his own people don't want him? >> it is deeply troubling. yemen is far more important than libya from a counter terrorist perspective. the most active affiliate resides in yemen. president saleh has been an on-again, off-again ally but the past couple of years, level of cooperation has been high. we ha we have given him money and conducted military operations inside yemen. if he is to step down, the uncertainty of what comes next is very, very disconcerting. we need to deal with that affiliate. it is an immediate and imminent threat. without saleh, we are kind of stuck. >> you are talking about al qaeda in the arabian peninsula,
12:22 pm
which has had links to the ft. hood shooter, inspired by the cleric, alalaky who has been affiliated with al qaeda. is there any indication if yemen's president steps aside and the opposition takes over, they won't be equally cooperative with the united states in fighting terror? >> what turned president saleh to be more of an ally of us was when he realized that al qaeda was looking to kill him too. that brought him to our view. if the opposition comes into power and we don't know what it is. if the military is leading it, we have some predict ability along with the security service. there is no guarantee they will view it through the same spectrum as we do. we have to work with whoever comes next realizing there is an immediate and imminent threat we have to deal with. that's a conflicting situation
12:23 pm
almost. it makes it tough for u.s. policy makers to figure out an approach. >> roger cressey, thank you for weighing in. >> you bet, contessa. protesters setting a building on fire in cairo. who are surprising is who these protesters are? get you caught up to date. charlie sheen criticizes bosses, show producers and fellow cast members. why would they want to work with him? remember the slow dam yo guiero, taco bell? time for your business entrepreneur of the week. brendan and john were beach volleyball players who turned their passion into a year-around activity. they created the sandbox in mystic, connecticut. the only indoor volleyball facility in new england. they are attracting players to
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this unique concept. for more, watch your business sunday morning on msnbc. bonni turn up the volume.
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told burrito prices went up 50 cents and the guy hauled out assault weapons before barricading himself in a nearby hotel. that three-hour standoff ended when police shot tear gas into the room and forced the burrito lover out. a massive rock slide trapped almost 40 people in their neighborhood. a 200-foot slide sent rocks, mud and a few small trees tumbling into the street. wow, that's scary. in panama city, beach, florida, this rare basking shark swam right up to a pier. this one not a threat to people, the second largest shark in the work. the kayak in the video, 14-feet long. the shark just dwarfs that kayak. iphone, blackberry, droid, a battle to be the best smart phone. plus, president obama will soon have at least one
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republican challenger for next year's election, tim pawlenty. where are all the other republicans in this race? bahrain's king is accusing iran of inciting an uprising in his country. there is also arrest in yemen. we will take a closer look at some of the global hotspots. while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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dithering. welcome back to msnbc. the fbi is joining the search for a missing 12-year-old girl in connecticut. she was last seen sunday morning at her home. an arizona judge ordered a mentally valuation for jared loughner, the suspect in the shooting rampage in arizona. former football star, lawrence taylor, was just sen tend to six years probation for having sex with an underaged prostitute. he will also receive a sex offender label. domestic violence increases after favorite nfl teams lose a game they were favored to win. police report a 10% spike in calls following such losses. moments ago during a
12:32 pm
pentagon briefing, the commander of the joint stas can force of odyssey dawn says moammar gadhafi is not yet in compliance with the u.n., speaking from the uss mount whitney, navy he says the united states is working closely with britic and french of n way. elsewhere in libya, two us air force crew members are safe after they ejected from their fighter jet this morning. the airmen's f-15 e-strike eagle crashed. it was on a mission against a gadhafi missile site. a developing story out of egypt. police protesting outside the interior ministry complex in cairo reportedly set the building on fire. tv footage showed a huge plume of smoke filling the sky. ron allen joins us on the phone
12:33 pm
with the latest. what are they protesting here, ron? >> reporter: well, like everybody else in the country, the police are upset about wages, working conditions and benefits. ever since the revolution a couple of monlts ago, that's what's been happening daily, different workers from different industries protesting for better working conditions. now, the fire happened at a building that's run by the interior ministry, responsible for the police and security forces. it is unclear who was responsible. there is a report that several police officers have been arrested. there have been a number of incidents like this in recent weeks where there have been government buildings where there have been fires, suspicious fires. in some cases, government employees trying to burn sensitive records or strike sensitive records. in other cases, people trying to burn records before protesters could storm buildings. this is about unfinished business. a lot of people want to find documents that your incriminating of the former
12:34 pm
regime of hosni mubarek. it is very suspicious it would happen on a day that the police are striking and on a day when there is a lot of concern by the police about their concerns of life here. >> ron allen reporting from cairo. there are several other hotspots across the middle east. the wave of discontent has spread across the region. besides libya, there is yemen, bahrain, syria, all potential ticking time bombs. richard lui is here with more on why it is a growinging conce co the united states. we just heard ron allen's report that it is still a growing concern. >> unrest continues in the arab world. some 20 countries that represent the space we are talking about
12:35 pm
two months after egypt erupted, those hotspots continue to explode. first, as we were just mentioning a key u.s. ally and that is earlier. three hours ago now, ruffle about five hours ago, the "associated press" reported that yemen's leader is ready to step down by the end of the year. the opposition says that's not enough. they look at his replacement and will he be u.s. friendly? worries because a major offshoot that exists there. u.s. radical, al-awlaki who inspired hasan. 1,000 miles away is bahrain, a small island nation, a key u.s. friend. home to the u.s. navy's fifth fleet. protesters there want the 200-year-old dynasty to change.
12:36 pm
an elected government and a monarchy that could exist like the british. the king is saying that iran is medaling in this country, he declared a three month time of emergency. he reached out to saudi arabia. will the u.s. get more involved? >> they are allies in the region. the response from the u.s. government has been more muted about these government's violations. as a result, the security council has been more muted. >> one area where the u.s. has not been muted, syria, state sponsor of terrorism, according to the united states. the u.s. has a long-standing tense relationship with that country but it's president is popular in the arab world for reasons the u.s. does not like. he is known as one to stand up to key u.s. ally, israel. three different nations an outcomes. the united states hoping they
12:37 pm
all turn out well here. >> thank you for laying it all out. republicans finally have themselves a candidate. i am announcing the formation of a committee to run for president of the united states. >> that is former governor, tim pawlenty. you may not know him now but his team hopes that dramatic video will make him a star. jonathan kparts is with us a washington post editorial writer and msnbc contributor. nice to see you. >> hello. >> here is tim pawlenty. he has this video that comes out and one thing is really amazing when you put it up to eminem's chrysler video, there is a lot in common. let me show you the split screen. >> there, you can see on the right-hand side, the chrysler
12:38 pm
ad, on the left-hand side, some of the same working class, gritty urban feeling in both. is there a point to this particular tone? >> i think he is trying to, governor pawlenty is trying to connect himself to the very voters he needs if he wants to get the nomination and then ultimately the presidency. those are the middle class working class, middle class, maybe upper middle class who have been hurt and decimated by the economic downturn, foreclosures, job losses. he is trying to connect with them. remember, this isn't his first video. he had a video out back in, i believe it was, january, when his book "courage to stand" came out. the same thing, the stirring music, the not as gritty as his current video but still jet flyove flyovers furling flags and
12:39 pm
flying peaces of peop flying, people who are thrilled by pawlenty. >> let me play another clip. >> this country was founded on freedom. we, the people of the united states, will take back our government. this is our country. our founding fathers created it. americans embraced it, ronald reagan personified it and lincoln stood courageously to protect it. >> the latest wau street journal nbc poll shows pawlenty coming in dead last. most people didn't even know his name when asked. >> that's part of his problem, name recognition. i think it is one of the reasons why he is relying on these dramatic videos to get to grab the viewer by the throat and say, look, here i am. listen to me. two, why he is the first of the republican contenders or potential contenders whose actually taken the formal step of forming a presidential exploratory committee, the very
12:40 pm
first one. >> i just wanted to point out, newt gingrich has just tweeted, you were a minnesota governor, as if tim didn't know that, you would be a great presidential canned great. cali and i look forward to seeing you and mary sue. he hasn't taken official steps? >> neither has governor haley barber of mississippi, neither has former mitt romney of massachusetts but they all are facing an april deadline. that's because the first of the gop presidential debates will be held then. that's when we will find out who is exploring, who is thinking about exploring and who is out of it. >> does that mean they have eight days? >> later april. >> jonathan capehart, thanks. >> thanks, contessa temperature. it appears charlie sheen might be getting ready to sign a new tv deal with his old bosses.
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coming up next on andrea mitchell reports, it is a new middle east. how will the war affect israel? we will talk to israel's defense minister, ehud barak. we will talk could congressman chris van hollen and james clyburn. the nuclear crisis in japan raising questions about readiness here at home. we will get ready with former fema director, james lee wit an we seal you in 15 minutes. >>. >> there is a chance two and a half men could get back the second man. they say cbs is wooing the war
12:45 pm
lock. last night, he made a surprise visit on jimmy kimmel life. he kissed kimmel right on the smack aryu and threw some t-shirts to screaming fans and gave kimmel a mug with pictures of foxes on it. maybe a hint at where he is going next. >> jeff rawson is in florida about the latest with the cbs stories. according to sources inside charlie sheen's camp, after everything that's happened and after everything has haan been said, cbs has approached him saying, we would be happy to have charlie sheen back on the set of two and a half men. there is one big condition, he needs to work out his differences with the people who produce the show, two and a half men, warner brothers nd athe co-creator, chuck laurie. >> winning. >> reporter: don't laugh. he may be right. charlie sheen has called his former bosses every name in the book. now, sources say they are willing to move past it and take
12:46 pm
him back on his webcam, he said this about cbs president, less moonves. >> you gave me a word and in turn gave me nothing. it must really suck being your mrs., the promise of getting something yet receiving nothing. >> in our interview, he said this. >> everybody thinks i should go be begging for my job back. it is everybody else that is going to be begging me for their job back. >> do you owe cbs an apology? >> no, they owe me a big one publicly while licking my feet. >> reporter: nothing like that but cbs is reportedly ready to play ball welcoming charlie home if he can settle his differences with warner brothers and perhaps more challenging his war with two and a half men cocreator chuck laurie. >> hi, chuck e. cheese, where are you hiding, silly clown?
12:47 pm
you are no match for this warlock. can you share a stage with him again? >> i am open to it. >> reporter: in firing sheen, warner brothers said he was dangerously self-destructive and very ill. he fired back suing warner brothers for $100 million saying his termination is a conspiracy fueled by laurie's inflated ego, lazy net and il-will. the only thing that eclipses big egos is big money which is exactly what they say is going on here. >> liars and fools, all of them. >> reporter: to get their money-making star back on the air. >> there are still a lot of hurdles that would have to be jumped for charlie sheen to return to "two and a half men". stranger things have happened. there is a long history of people burying the hatchet when
12:48 pm
the deal is right. >> they are reporting that less moonvest is willing to manage sheen himself. even then, it is unclear if sheen would return, though he told me over an over again he would. >> i signed for next year. being a man of my word, i will be there with bells on. >> reporter: sheen has a lot going on less than two weeks away from his live one-man show he is taking on tour, sold out venues from detroit, chicago, and radio city music hall in new york city. he also tweeted hinting that he may be talking to fox television about a possible deal there. we will see what happens with that. the big question now is, will charlie sheen return to the set of "two and a half men" on cbs? we are told discussions are ongoing. this is not a done deal yet. which is the best smart phone? the battle next. ng up?
12:49 pm
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there is a brand new car out there for people who want to save the planet but not their money. who wants to save money? it is a plug in hybrid portia, 918 spyder and it can be yours for the low, low price of $845,000 not including shipping and taxes. at least you will save money on gas. the 918 spyder has a fuel economy of 78 miles per gallon. portia only plans to build 918 of these cars.; @r(t&háhp &hc% deliveries begin in november, 2013. my producer told me i sound like barker's beauties. they never talk but they just demonstrate. if you are in the market for a smart phone having trouble deciding which to get? you are not alone. android, apple iphone and blackberry are in a virtual three-way tie. android makes up 29% of the u.s.
12:53 pm
market, iphones and blackberrys account for 27%. john ford is live in orlando. market share aside, when you pick these up and start using them, you can tell immediately which one you like best, can't you, john? >> contessa, you think you can but then it seems like there is a new one coming out. samsung, i am standing in their booth came out with a new tablet. this isn't the hardware. we have software and i have the ipad two. these are tablets, not smart phones but they have the similar software. tablets are starting to infringe upon the p.c. market. >> in terms of the tablet market, i think for a lot of people, their primary computing needs will be satisfied by tablets and it will change the face of society. it is a really big deal here. people are starting to talk
12:54 pm
about tablets alongside smart phones. keep in mind, smart phones are still the big news makers here. we don't necessarily see it as consumers because we pay about a couple hundred bucks no matter what. apple's iphone 4, carriers pay $65 and subsidize them. the growth is enormous as you mentioned. these are a really big deal. rim's playbook is supposed to be coming out nextç month. they announced a date in april. we had been expecting it in march. it is coming in april. we will have to see if that is a big hit alongside the ipad. apple sold 3.7 million ipads in the christmas season. we will see what they can do this season. pretty hot here. >> thanks a lot, jon, appreciate that. good to see you. we've been talking online about whether the united states should do more than enforce the
12:55 pm
u.n.'s no-fly joan. perhaps the allies should think about fighting alongside rebel forces or training and organizing them. frankuiit, we arog thright ing in libya. the rebels a outgunned by gadhafi loyalties. no american ground forces are necessary. they alone can defeat gadhafi. fred francis writes, what would be the point in all this killing and expense if we're simply going to return that libya to gadhafi? arthur pedicini reports. of course, i want to hear from you on any of the stories that we cover. you can reach me on e-mail, and i'm contessa brewer on twitter. thanks so much for watching this hour. i will see you back here tomorrow, noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. if you live out west. president obama is returning to washington, d.c. from his five-day trip to latin-american.
12:56 pm
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right now on andrea mitchell reports, an f-15 is down the military confirms, an american fighter jet crashed today near benghazi. the two crew members did escape safely. the military says this was mechanical, not enemy fire. day four of coalition strikes, the u.s. and nato allies focus on extending the no-fly zone. fighting the propaganda war as gadhafi supporters accuse the allies of attacking innocent civilians. >> it is almost as though some people here are taking at face value gadhafi's claims about the number of civilian casualties, which as far as i am concerned is just outright lies. on capitol hill, criticism from all sides. lawmakers demanding answers on the scop

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